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About TAHUHU Cold Chain

TAHUHU Cold Chain Logistics adopts CSA seamless cold chain standard to achieve breakthroughs in all processes. Equipped with AMR and 4WS to ensure best practices for our customers

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Seamless Cold Chain Technologies

TAHUHU cold chain develops smart systems and utilizes high technology automation to achieve breakthroughs in all processes. Equipped with low temperature autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and 4-way shuttle (4WS), one-stop total solution is available to ensure the cold storage best practices for our customers.

Breaking New Ground in Intelligent Cold Chain Logistics

TAHUHU has pioneered a new era of intelligent cold chain logistics with its seamless cold chain logistics distribution. As the first cold chain logistics company to adopt CSA as a service standard in Hong Kong, we combine innovative technology with professional management skills to elevate the logistics industry to a new level.

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TAHUHU Smart Cold Storage

The TAHUHU automated cold storage, spanning 38,000 ft., is located within the ATL Logistics Centre in Kwai Chung. This prime location offers numerous advantages, including proximity to the Container Terminals port, allowing clients to enjoy the convenience of easy and efficient container loading. The logistics centre boasts A-grade facilities, with vehicular direct access, high ceiling, high floor loading capacity, and a generous number of loading docks. 

Top-notch Fleet

At TAHUHU, we are committed to delivering top-notch cold chain logistics services through our state-of-the-art smart cold chain distribution centre and refrigerated transportation fleet. Our clients can enjoy a comprehensive one-stop cold chain service that covers shipment collection to end-customer distribution.

Our temperature-controlled delivery fleet consists of 29 refrigerated trucks, each equipped with a GPS tracking management system for efficient and reliable transportation. Additionally, we are set to launch a smart cold storage distribution centre by the fourth quarter of 2022. This centre will feature a high level of automation and a perfect cold chain infrastructure, setting a new standard for automated cold storage in Hong Kong.

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