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CSA Cold Chain Solutions
Cold Chain | System | Automation

CSA Cold Chain Standard

TAHUHU is the first seamless automated cold chain logistics solution service provider in Hong Kong, creating a precedent for the new generation of professional cold chain logistics management. Focusing on the CSA model, TAHUHU provides an automated system management cold chain storage and delivery service solution.

Featured Cold Chain Services

Seamless Cold Chain Logistics

TAHUHU refrigerated trucks go directly to temperature-controlled loading docks and are pre-cooled to the target temperature before loading goods. Our trucks utilize an auto-door and airlock area design, which minimizes temperature loss during door opening between temperature compartments. We also use thermal protection covers to maintain product temperature in non-refrigerated environments. All of these measures ensure the seamless maintenance of the cold chain, guaranteeing the quality and safety of your products during transportation.

Real Time Cloud Booking Platform

All goods are stored in the cloud-based system with real-time updates on quantities and volumes. Scanning enables the creation and modification of products, making it easier for inventory management during storage and distribution.

Flexible Cold Storage Rental

Customers only need to reserve refrigerated storage space according to their product volume, and rental fees are calculated based on actual usage days and volume, with no minimum consumption requirement. You have complete control over the rental period.

24/7 Customer Services Platform

Customers can log in to our 24/7 service system via computer or mobile phone to centrally manage all refrigerated storage areas, as well as make reservations for loading and unloading in the warehouse.

Weekends Delivery

TAHUHU is available to serve you every day, including overnight, weekends, and public holidays, maintaining normal operations to process orders and complete all logistics procedures for businesses across Hong Kong and the New Territories. We ensure that all orders are delivered on time, avoiding any shortages or delays during holidays to meet your daily cold chain logistics needs.

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Value Added Services

TAHUHU provides comprehensive solutions for your cold chain logistics management through intelligent automation systems. We offer value-added services and tailor-made solutions to continuously improve processes and enhance your competitive advantage.

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