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The New Standard in
Cold Chain Logistic Industry.

Seamlessly connected with TAHUHU cold chain CSA innovation


Revolutionizing Cold Chain Logistics Solution in Hong Kong

TAHUHU is the first CSA-standard cold chain logistics company in Hong Kong, providing seamless cold chain logistics and cold storage services. We use intelligent automation technology to ensure that the entire transportation process of goods is truly seamless, from receipt, cold storage to delivery. Our customer-centric cold chain logistics management approach and automation technology help merchants simplify cold chain logistics operations and drive business development.​

Our cold chain logistics distribution service is suitable for a variety of products that need to be refrigerated or frozen, such as frozen meat, ice cream, cosmetics, industrial products, etc. Our seamless cold room storage and cold chain logistics distribution service can ensure that these products maintain the best quality and safety throughout the transportation process.


Real Time Cloud Booking Platform

All information regarding cold warehouse and order details are stored in our cloud-based system, with accurate information accessible through the customer's dedicated platform.

Flexible Cold Storage

Our cold storage rental fees are calculated based on the actual daily storage volume, so you only pay for what you use, and there is no need to pay for the entire month, no hidden fees!

Weekends Delivery

Regardless of overnight, weekends or public holidays, TAHUHU maintains normal operations everydays, completing all logistics procedures to ensure that all orders are delivered on time, avoiding stock shortages or delays due to holidays.

Cold Chain Solution

Our refrigerated trucks connect seamlessly to the temperature-controlled platforms and warehouses. Goods are delivered directly to the storefront freezer, achieving a fully seamless handover.

Full Customer Experience Portal

All reservations for cold storage space, refrigerated truck, dock house, and outbound logistics are consolidated and managed in a single experience portal.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


sq-ft. Cold Warehouse


Intelligent Low-temp Robots


Temp-controlled zones

0-4°C // -18°C // -25°C

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

TAHUHU is the only cold storage and logistics service provider in Hong Kong that strictly implements the CSA standards, providing stable low-temperature logistics and cold storage for your goods. We offer a new generation of professional cold chain logistics solutions that are available 24/7, reliable, cost-effective, and efficient.

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