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Cold Chain Logistics: Necessary Choice to Ensure Flower Quality

The Importance of Cold Chain Logistics for Fresh Flowers

Cold chain logistics is not just about transporting frozen meat, it can also transport fresh flowers. Imported flowers need to maintain the appropriate low temperature and humidity throughout the transportation process to prevent them from blooming too early, lacking water, or even wilting. Only professional cold chain logistics services can ensure that flowers are not damaged during transportation, allowing the recipient to receive the perfect gift. If you are a flower wholesaler and want to increase sales and reduce losses, you need to choose a professional cold chain logistics company to support your business.

Importing Fresh Flowers in Hong Kong and the Role of Cold Chain Logistics

Hong Kong flower wholesalers import nearly HKD 2.1 billion worth of fresh flowers every year, with a significant increase in imports during holidays such as Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. They import flowers from all over the world, including from the Netherlands, mainland China, Thailand, Colombia, and Kenya. When the flowers arrive at the airport, they are immediately separated from other goods and transported to the airport's fresh goods handling center. The flowers in the center will complete customs clearance in the shortest time possible, then be loaded onto cold chain logistics dedicated low-temperature trucks that are waiting to depart for flower delivery.

Cold chain logistics services are crucial for the floral industry, ensuring that flowers maintain their quality during transportation and enabling retailers to receive the freshest and most perfect flowers possible.

If you are a flower wholesaler and are looking for a cold chain logistics company to support your business, TAHUHU Seamless Cold Chain Logistics operates cold chain and frozen warehouses according to professional CSA standards, ensuring that flowers receive the necessary low temperature and humidity throughout the entire transportation process. Contact us now!


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