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Hong Kong's First Fully Automated Ice Cream Freezer Warehouse. TAHUHU's CSA Seamless Cold Chain Solution Ensures Safe Delivery of Ice Cream Products.

As global warming intensifies, Hong Kong experiences temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius even in December, making ice cream a year-round delight. However, there have been reports highlighting the importance of cold chain logistics due to a concerning incident where a child allegedly consumed melted and re-frozen ice cream during transportation, resulting in food poisoning.

Melted and re-frozen ice cream poses significant food safety risks. Ice cream melts quickly at room temperature, and the mixture of milk, sugar, and liquid ingredients creates an ideal breeding ground for bacteria such as Listeria. Infection can lead to symptoms such as fever, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea, with severe cases potentially resulting in complications like meningitis or sepsis. The consequences are alarming.

To eliminate this recurring "sweet trap," a reliable cold chain logistics system is crucial. TAHUHU has exclusively developed the CSA Seamless Cold Chain Solution, utilizes seamless temperature-controlled pallets for loading and unloading, automatically transporting the ice cream to a fully automated freezer warehouse set at -25°C upon arrival at the unloading area, ensuring consistent temperature throughout. This guarantees the quality of the ice cream while preserving its flavor and texture. Furthermore, TAHUHU implements advanced tracking and monitoring systems, providing real-time visibility on the location and temperature of the ice cream, and offering complete traceability in the frozen supply chain.

By partnering with TAHUHU and adopting the CSA Seamless Cold Chain Solution, ice cream businesses can enhance their food safety and quality reputation. Consumers can indulge in their favorite frozen desserts without concerns about compromised freshness or health risks.

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