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TAHUHU Achieves Seamless Cold Chain Connection Using CSA Standards

How to Achieve Seamless Connection in Cold Chain Logistics? TAHUHU Reveals Its Secrets Using CSA Standards.

Our reporter has uncovered how TAHUHU achieves seamless connection in the cold chain logistics process. We tracked a customer's shipment of ice cream from the airport to our intelligent cold storage facility using CSA standards.

First Stop - Airport Cargo Terminal:

The customer's ice cream is air freighted to the airport, where it undergoes inspections before being transported to our intelligent cold storage facility. This marks the beginning of the C - Cold Chain journey as per CSA standards.

Second Stop - TAHUHU Dual-Temperature Refrigerated Trucks:

To avoid temperature fluctuations and maintain the quality of the product, TAHUHU refrigerated trucks use the S - System cold chain system, according to customer requirements, pre-cooling to -25°C, and are ready to deliver the shipment.

Third Stop - TAHUHU Seamless Loading and Unloading Area:

The refrigerated trucks arrive directly at our intelligent cold storage facility and enter the seamless temperature-controlled cargo platform.

Fourth Stop - TAHUHU Intelligent Cold Storage Facility:

After the shipment is unloaded and sealed, our intelligent cold storage facility operates according to CSA standards, with A - Automation system commands that activate low-temperature robots to take over and store the shipment in the temperature-controlled area at -25°C.


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