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What is a CSA Cold Chain Solution?

A CSA cold chain solution combines high-standard seamless cold chain management, intelligent logistics, and innovative systems, as well as automated handling of goods and systems. CSA cold chain management and cold chain solutions aim to provide the most appropriate and efficient overall solutions for user needs, handling the entire cold chain logistics and related information processing processes. These processes include pickup, receipt, warehousing, storage, picking according to shipping orders, transportation, and distribution.

The "C" in CSA stands for Cold Chain, which provides a seamless cold chain solution through ideal infrastructure, hardware, systems, processes, tools, and control procedures, maintaining stable and optimal temperatures and quality throughout the entire cold chain process.

The "S" in CSA stands for System, providing an intelligent system platform for cold chain logistics, automatically collecting and distributing relevant information, assisting in faster and more accurate process handling. Precise sensors and data collectors, IoT, big data analytics, 5G networks, artificial intelligence deep learning, international standard barcodes, and system integration are highly efficient intelligent system technologies that can be implemented today.

The "A" in CSA stands for Automation, which handles goods and information processes in an automated manner, breaking through manpower and time constraints, and improving efficiency and accuracy. Our low-temperature robots automatically access the correct batch of goods in unmanned storage areas and transport them to picking workstations or loading/unloading areas, eliminating manual entry into low-temperature warehouses and increasing efficiency by more than 60%.

The frozen supply chain means that products need to be transported and stored at various locations before reaching their destination, and maintaining the correct cold chain environment is not easy. TAHUHU CSA cold chain logistics solutions feature specialized transportation tools, such as refrigerated containers, refrigerated transport vehicles, and freezer warehouse management, as well as IoT technology, ensuring safe and reliable transportation of cold chain products.


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