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【Press Release】TAHUHU, Hong Kong’s First Smart Cold Chain Logistics Solution

Seamless automated cold chain logistics solution - CSA (Cold Chain, System and Automation)

Hong Kong, 23 May 2023 – TAHUHU, the first automated and smart cold chain logistics service provider in Hong Kong, has officially launched its services in Kwai Chung. As a brand-new project incubated by Uni-China Group, TAHUHU offers a breakthrough CSA solution that redefines the industry standards for seamless cold chain logistics. The solution combines a seamless “Cold Chain”, smart “System”, and advanced “Automation” to provide end-to-end cold chain logistics services.

Hong Kong’s cold chain logistics industry has seen growing demand for low-temperature preservation throughout the entire process, from pick-up and warehousing to order management, transportation, and delivery. Existing cold chain services in Hong Kong have not been meeting the expectations of food importers, wholesalers, retailers, and the catering industry. Most cold stores lack temperature control for goods once they leave the cold room, leading to the deterioration of fresh ingredients.

To bridge these gaps in the current cold chain logistics services in Hong Kong, TAHUHU's solution includes seamless temperature-control loading dock, “muti-level no man zone” and top-of-the-line automation equipment, such as "goods- to-person" systems and “automated vertical cargo lift”. These features make TAHUHU the first and the only cold chain logistics provider in Hong Kong that can ensure that all goods are seamlessly connected throughout the entire cold chain logistics process.

In addition, TAHUHU's new CSA standard is poised to address long term shortcomings in the industry, such as inflexible delivery times, a tight supply of warehouse space, and difficulties in monitoring the performance of delivery drivers. By utilizing advanced CSA, TAHUHU is able to provide its customers with the most reliable, efficient, and seamless cold chain logistics service available.

C - Cold Chain

TAHUHU utilizes state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure, refrigeration systems, temperature control equipment, and stringent temperature control to maintain stable and optimal temperatures for goods in every single step. With TAHUHU's dual-temperature refrigerated trucks, goods are transported directly to the temperature-controlled loading dock, to prevent the intrusion of hot air. Before loading, the truck will be pre-cooled to the target temperature to ensure all goods are loaded at the correct temperature. TAHUHU's cold storage is divided into three temperature zones (0-4°C, -18°C, -25°C), allowing fruits, vegetables, flowers, sake, frozen meat, and ice cream to maintain their optimal condition, achieving a completely seamless cold chain connection.

To avoid shortages or delays caused by holidays, TAHUHU team provides round-the-clock operations, including weekends and public holidays, to meet the daily cold chain logistics needs of its customers.

Key cold chain infrastructure includes:

  • 10 seamless temperature-controlled cargo platforms

  • Automated no man storage zone (0-4°C, -18°C, -25°C)

  • 24-hour monitoring of temperature and cold storage doors

  • Automatic system to minimize the impact of temperature fluctuations caused by opening and closing cold storage doors

  • Fleet of multi-temperature refrigerated trucks equipped with GPS tracking and temperature monitoring systems

S - System

TAHUHU's smart logistics system stores all collected data in the cloud, allowing customers to access the one-stop service platform via their mobile phones or computers with ease. Customers can reserve cold storage space and loading/ unloading dock in advance with greater flexibility and efficiency. Loading/ unloading dock booking system and self-service kiosk are also available to save the queuing time. The driver performance management system measures the performance results of on-time delivery, temperature control, and driving behaviour, to optimize delivery service.

Customers can also refer to the report and the estimated time of arrival for deliveries from system to better plan their business operations. TAHUHU utilizes international barcode scanning to minimize human errors and speed up the product catch-weight capturing process.

TAHUHU’s 24/7 management system includes:

  • All-in-one customer platform for reserving cold storage space, in/out cargo platforms, sending instructions, and accessing automated reports on inventory status and delivery.

  • Customer experience with BI analysis reports for easy access to inventory status information via mobile phones or online.

  • Driver Performance Management App for centralized driver performance information, ensuring service quality.

A - Automation

TAHUHU is Hong Kong's first fully automated cold storage facility, powered by advanced equipment for precise handling of goods, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced business competitiveness. It’s top-of-the-line automated equipment includes cold store autonomous mobile robot (AMR), low temperature 4-way shuttle truck (AWS), automatic vertical lift, goods-to-person work station, put-to-light rebin wall, automatic dimensions and weighing system, automatic pallet stacking and dispensing machine, and conveyor belt system. These features can save over 60% of warehouse manpower and increase the overall cargo throughput capacity while allowing for 24/7 operation.

The automated system also optimizes cold storage warehouse space, increasing storage capacity by 30%, maximizing the property's value, and boosting productivity for customers.

Automated equipment and system includes:

  • Cold store autonomous mobile robot (AMR), Low temperature 4-way shuttle truck (AWS), Automatic guided forklift truck (AGF), Conveyor Belt System, Automatic speed door

  • Auto-route planning and resources assignment system, automatic notifications and updates on estimated arrival times

  • Business Intelligence Report

With its advanced automation and innovative systems, TAHUHU is setting a new standard for cold chain logistics in Hong Kong. The facility's ability to optimize storage space and increase productivity while maintaining the highest quality standards is a testament to its commitment to excellence. TAHUHU's flexible approach to transforming traditional industrial buildings into high-standard cold chain logistics centres, not only increases productivity and enhances property value but also showcases the company's adaptability and innovation.


Address: 9016E-9021E, Block B, ATL Logistics Centre, Berth No. 3, Kwai Chung Container Terminal, N.T., Hong Kong

Facebook: @Tahuhuhk

Instagram: @tahuhuhk

Youtube: @tahuhucoldchain4645

About Uni-China

Uni-China Group (“the Group”) and its subsidiaries have rooted in Hong Kong for approximately 30 years. We specialize in operations and management of the 4 core businesses: Capital, Retail, Food & Beverages and Trading.

With a diverse range of products and assets in our portfolio, the Group is well-positioned for sustainable growth in the years to come. Additionally, we are committed in developing Functional Units which endeavor to achieve greater synergies with the core business.

For media enquiries:

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