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Cold Chain Logistics Solution for the Pet Fresh Food Industry: TAHUHU CSA Cold Chain Logistics Helps

During the pandemic, various social and travel restrictions, coupled with the rise of working from home, have led people to pay more attention to the health of their furry friends at home. Even as we move into the post-pandemic era in 2023, with people spending less time at home, their care for their pets remains unchanged, leading to a thriving market for fresh pet food despite economic downturns.

Importance of Cold Chain Logistics in the pet fresh food induestry

More and more pet owners are choosing fresh and nutritious food for their beloved pets. However, fresh pet food has a short shelf life and is prone to spoilage, making cold chain logistics particularly important in this industry. TAHUHU CSA Cold Chain Logistics provides professional solutions for cold chain storage and low-temperature delivery services for the pet fresh food business, using innovative cold chain logistics technology.

TAHUHU CSA Cold Chain Logistics here to help

TAHUHU CSA Cold Chain Logistics understands the unique needs of pet fresh food. After the food is made in the factory, it needs to be quickly frozen. However, the stock of commercial refrigerators in factories is often insufficient to meet market demand, and the logistics and delivery process cannot always guarantee low temperature throughout.

Therefore, TAHUHU CSA Cold Chain Logistics is committed to ensuring sufficient refrigerated storage space to meet market demand for pet fresh food suppliers and wholesalers, and to achieving seamless cold chain point-to-point connection.

To achieve these goals, TAHUHU CSA Cold Chain Logistics provides the following high-quality services:

  1. Three temperature control storage: different temperature zones of 0-4°C, -18°C, and -25°C to ensure that pet fresh food is stored at the appropriate temperature.

  2. Appointment-based access to frozen storage: convenient for customers to arrange access to goods as needed, ensuring the quality of fresh food.

  3. Dual-temperature refrigerated truck: professional refrigerated transportation equipment to ensure that fresh food maintains the appropriate temperature during transportation.

  4. Territory-wide distribution: covering all areas of Hong Kong, ensuring that pet fresh food is delivered in a timely manner.

  5. Door to refrigerator delivery: providing convenient delivery service for customers, directly delivering fresh food to designated refrigerators at stores.

Through the above services, TAHUHU CSA Cold Chain Logistics ensures that pet fresh food can be safely and quickly delivered to pet food specialty stores, allowing your furry friends to enjoy healthy and delicious frozen fresh food. Choose TAHUHU CSA Cold Chain Logistics to take your pet fresh food business to the next level!


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